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Alex is committed to her students and the worlds of dressage and eventing. She is knowledgeable, talented, devoted and engaged, and I am a different rider after working with her for the past few years. Because of her passion, I have discovered a new intrigue and joy for dressage in myself, and see a solid bridge between dressage and jumping. Unlike any other trainer in town, teaching is her focus (along with her own personal ambitions in dressage) which makes her devoted and accessible at all times

Janae Day

I came to Alex after years of riding and showing in various disciplines.  I had become frustrated because I wasn't improving, even though I was working under instructors.  

I advanced more in a year under Alex than I had the entire decade before I came to her.   She has filled in the holes in my education and has taught me how to make (and achieve) long-term goals.  Her lessons go beyond "heels down, eyes up" as she truly helps you understand the science behind the art of dressage.   Alex doesn't just teach you how to look pretty on a horse-she turns you into an effective partner for your horse.  

I hope to work with Alex for many, many years to come.

Stacy Drennan

Alex is the best trainer! She can easily take you and your horse to the next level. Her teaching is easy to take in and execute, and you will leave having a sense of accomplishment. She has patiently helped me achieve goals and mold me into the type of rider that is able to reach them successfully. It's also fun to watch her get on your horse and totally transform him. She really knows how to bring out the potential in both horse and rider.  She is also fantastic at matching horses and riders and developing true partnerships between them. Don't have a horse? Let her find that special horse for you. I am thrilled to be able to call her my trainer.

Jennifer Landers

Alex is an amazing trainer!  Her background in education allows her to explain difficult riding concepts in an easy to understand manner.  She has helped me correct a lot of “holes” in my riding foundation.  Thanks to her excellent instruction, I have now obtained my USDF Bronze medal and am now schooling all of the 4th level movements

Anne Tursky

Multi-talented Alex Muller, embodies and exemplifies the equine holy trinity of trainer, rider and teacher! 

The largest role she has played for me is that of teacher.  I started riding with Alex in the spring of 2017 and through her lesson program my riding has improved immensely!  She is 100% focused when teaching and gives the student her full attention.  Her teaching style is upbeat and positive but she also challenges her students to work to their full potential.  She is extremely creative and designs wonderful exercises to keep the schooling fresh and exciting for both horse and student.

Alex helps her students set and accomplish their riding goals, consistently checking in to make sure the goals and training are aligned for success…while not being afraid to change course if need be!

Alex is honest, patient, good-natured and one of the hardest working individuals I have ever known!  She is also a beautiful rider and trainer and does not snub owners of different breeds that show up for her help!  She sets her priority on the dressage training pyramid and believes it is for the benefit of all horses!

I am extremely grateful to be able to call Alex my trainer as well as friend!


Lessons are available in both dressage and jumping for riders of all levels. 


RCTS offers an inclusive, fun, motivational environment for riders both young and not so young.  We are competitive at USDF competitions, schooling shows, and USEA events during the season. We travel throughout the south, showing and schooling in Texas, Tennessee, Louisiana and Florida. We welcome other positive, supportive members to join our team!

Lesson horses are available for dressage lessons. Riders using lesson horses are asked to commit to a consistent program of one lesson/week in order to ensure availability of a horse.


Alex offers full or partial training for your sport horse.  Training is always systematic and done according to the training pyramid. The horse's wellbeing is paramount, and Alex uses an all-encompassing approach, ensuring that horses are safe, well schooled, and adequately prepared for their chosen career.

There is currently a short waiting list for full training.  

Anne Tursky

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