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Sales Policy
I sell horses on a first come, first served basis to appropriate qualified homes. I do not hold horses, they are available until they are paid for or until a pre-purchase is set. If pre-purchase is scheduled, then I will hold the horse until it is complete and for 24 hours until a decision is made.
- The only instance in which I will hold a horse before a scheduled PPE is with non-refundable $500 deposit to hold the horse until the viewing appointment.
- While I will not sell a horse to another party once I have a deposit or once a PPE is set, I may continue to show the horse to prospective buyers until the PPE is complete and payment is made in full. There are many reasons that people may pass on a horse and another customer may be perfectly happy with the results of the exam. It is also common that people back out or change their minds before or after an exam.
- I reserve the right to refuse to sell a horse if I believe it is in the horse's best interest.
- You are responsible for paying your commissions, my horse's prices do not include a commission for additional trainers.

Buyer's/Seller's Agent Policy
A customary commission for a trainer involved in the purchase or sale of a horse is 10%. Because I shop for horses in all budgets, a minimum commission of $300 is required as horses in the sub-$3000 range are as hard, and often harder, to find. You are paying for my time, knowledge, experience and personal connections with a wide network of horse people. I do the majority of my buying and selling by word of mouth.

When selling, my services include, but are not limited to:
  • Appraisal of the horse
  • Creating an ad, including photos, videos and exceptional writing and description
  • Advertising the horse on my personal website and facebook page
  • Fielding all inquires on social media, by phone and email
  • Showing the horse to qualified buyers
  • Being present for the PPE and interpreting results for owner and buyer if needed
  • Arranging shipping

When buying, my services include, but are not limited to:
  • Creating an “In search of” ad and posting to my social media and networking to connections
  • Perusing ads on social media, sales websites etc.
  • Sifting through ads of interest sent by buyer
  • Contacting seller, finding out pertinent details and communicating with buyer
  • Finding a local, trusted test rider, or arranging to test ride myself
  • Instruction for buyer when trying horse
  • Setting up and being present for PPE, when possible
  • Interpreting PPE results for buyer
  • Arranging shipping
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