2021 Calendar

USDF Shows

Houston Dressage Society: 1/23-24 (Katy, TX)

Bunny Hop: 3/27-3/28 (Hernando MS)

Texas Rose: 4/9-4/11 (Tyler TX)

Memphis in May: 5/1-5/2 (Hernando MS)

Dallas Dressage Club Spring: 5/29-30 (Tyler, TX)

Pony Cup: 7/16-7/18 (ST. Louis)

Festival of Champions: 8/24-29 (Wayne, IL)

Region 9 Champs: 10/7-10/10 (Katy, TX)

USEA Shows

Feb 12 Texas Rose Schooling

Feb 13-14 Unrecognized CT or HT (Texas Rose, Tyler TX)

March 13-14 Meadowcreek HT (Kosse, TX)

April 17-18 Holly Hill HT (Benton, LA)

May15-16 Texas Rose HT (Tyler, TX)

June 12-13 Holly Hill HT ***TENTATIVE

Sept 18-19 Meadowcreek HT (Kosse, TX)

Oct 23-24 Holly Hill HT (Benton, LA)

Nov 6-7 Texas Rose HT (Tyler, TX)

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