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Sold Horses


Mayhem is such a wonderful little guy.  He is absolutely beginner safe; he is a kick ride with fantastic brakes, is easy on the bit and very steady, he is brave and jumps whatever is in front of him, including water, ditches, and banks.  He has cute cute form with perfect knees, and offers a clean [dressage style, back-to-front] change. He trail rides, has impeccable manners, and is ready to be the event pony or hunter pony of your dreams! Price will increase with training and show miles. 


10 y/o Imported Hanoverian Mare

"Fara" is a very talented, very straightforward mare.  She has produced foals prior to being imported, has shown through second level, has her changes, and has just begun her eventing career.  She is bold (no stop), very careful, and very capable.  She won her first BN with a 28, and finished on her dressage score.  She is a high quality, super competitive horse in any ring. She is currently schooling up to 4' at home, and shows no limit to her scope.  She would be a fantastic winning partner for an junior or AA who can handle a powerful horse with great brakes.  

Congratulations to Anna on the purchase of Fara!


Garbanzo is the definition of a kind pony! He's basically a Golden Retriever in pony form.  Three balanced gaits, jumps anything in front of him, and safe! 

Congratulations Avery on the purchase of Garbanzo!


Congratulations to Sandee on the purchase of Charlie!


Congratulations to Tori on the Purchase of Iguana!


Redi Set Go, 2011 16.3hh gelding. Redi is an experienced and successful show horse, with many miles at beginner novice and training level dressage. He is fancy and steady enough to be a hunter as well. 
He has been brought along exclusively by his amateur owner, and he has impeccable ground manners. He is easy on the ground, easy to ride, and very, very honest. Redi boasts super balanced and rhythmic gaits, easy changes, and dramatic good looks. He is SAFE, a bit of a kick ride, but not lazy. He’s the same whether he’s ridden once a week or every day. He is consistent and always scores well in dressage. He will happily pack a rider around beginner novice and novice, win at lower level dressage, or be competitive as a hunter(has his changes!). Congratulations to Nancy on the purchase of Redi!

The Pirate Bay

13 year old TB gelding.  Amazingly brave and capable jumper. Competing training with unlimited potential.  This is a once in a lifetime horse-- so much talent, personality, and resilience.  Captain would be a wonderful Young Rider horse-- sensible, capable, and totally game. He came to eventing late in the game, just starting this career in early 2015. I cannot say enough good things about this horse! .

Congratulations to Lauren on her partnership with Captain!

Seagram's 7, "Chico"
9 year old Appendix gelding

Chico is an absolute gem! He sweet, honest, trustworthy, and an all around gentleman. He's sound, barefoot, an easy keeper, lives in a pasture happily in a group, but is equally happy to stay in a stall (never tests a stall guard). He has perfect ground manners and will stand tied quietly for as long as you'd like. 
Under saddle, Chico is forward (with awesome brakes), easy to put on the bit, and never hot or excitable. He has 3 cute, balanced gaits, is honest to the fences, and loves to jump. He has competed through training, ending his first novice event on his dressage score for 2nd in a tough Open Novice division. He has been ridden by advanced beginner kids and they love him. Chico is and is easy through water and over banks and ditches. He is jumping 3'6" solidly and schooling all first level dressage.
Congratulations to Grace on the purchase of Chico!


2006 TB Gelding


Tinker is tremendously bold and talented.  Definite potential for the upper levels! Competed through training.

Congratulations to Lisa on the purchase of Tinker (now called Finch)!

Churro RC

Churro is a 15.1 hh 12 year old Appy Gelding. Rescued from the Bastrop Kill Pen, Churro has been used for beginner lessons.  Excellent brakes, very smooth, no spook, perfect on trails.  Bold over fences, no stop. Horse striding. Easy keeper, barefoot. Churro is an all around good guy! 

Congratulations to Jordan on the purchase of Churro RC!

Gator RC

5 year old Paint gelding, 15.2 hh

Gator is the ultimate kid's or adult amateur's horse.  He is sweet, kind, the same quiet, dependable guy every single day.  He has absolutely no buck, spook, bad behavior, or vices.  He is more whoah than go, but not exhaustingly lazy.  He is soft in the bridle, has a big swingy trot that is easy to sit, is brave to fences and jumps carefully with perfect knees.  He is perfect on the trail and in new places, anybody can ride him, is sweet and snuggly, is a very easy keeper and gets along with all horses in the field.  He has competed beginner novice and schooled novice, jumping 3'0" at home.  Gator is a horse that I would love to keep in the barn, but I don't have anybody for him. 

Congratulations to Payton on the purchase of Gator!

King Pony

10 year old Welsh cross

14 hh

KP is absolutely the most athletic pony I have ever sat on! He jumps 3'6" courses easily with capability for much more.  He's brave and catty, a beautiful mover with great balance and tons of suspension. He's competed novice and schooled training level.  He has shown successfully first level dressage and schools walk-canter transitions and counter canter.  He would be an excellent pony jumper or eventer for a gutsy kid or a small adult. Has jumper changes.  Has been used for advanced beginner lessons, no buck/rear/naughty behavior, and is impeccably behaved on the ground and in new places. King Pony gets attention everywhere he goes- this is a spectacular pony! Rider in photos/video is 5'8".

Congratulations Forest on the purchase of King Pony!


2006 TB gelding

Tall and gorgeous, River has three balanced and lovely gaits.  He is elegant and always scores phenomenally.  Shown through second level with potential for much, much more.  Tons of show experience including high placings in GAIG 1st level open championships. 

Congratulations to Ashley on the purchase of River!



2008 Oldenburg Gelding

"Shark" is big and breathtaking.  He has competed through novice and has an incredible huge jump.  He has dressage scores through second level, and has unlimited potential to go in any direction.  

Congratulations to Katie on the purchase of Shark!


4 year old Oldenburg/ TB mare


Cate is incredible! She is naturally balanced with three lovely, smooth gaits.  She has super natural form over fences and is quiet and calm during all her work. She's adjustable to her fences, knows basic lateral work, is schooling counter canter, and hacks out on the buckle.  She is forgiving and relaxed, and will make an incredible eventer or dressage horse.  

 Congratulations to Claire on the purchase of Cate!


HH Cutie

16.1hh TB gelding

Cutie is a star in the making! He is unflappable, bold, brave, and polite.  Super fast learner, amazing athletic feel. The sky is the limit with this guy! Will compete beginner novice in September.  

Congratulations to Trisha on the purchase of Cutie!



2014 Haflinger X (unregistered)

13 H BIG bodied (rider is 5'8")

Bella is the most adorable little Barbie pony! Palomino with a blaze, she has superstar good looks, balanced gaits to match, and the perfect "wise beyond her years" brain.  She has no spook, buck, or bolt, jumps anything she is pointed at (and does so quietly and carefully), goes on the bit, and hauls and trail rides perfectly.  Although only 4, she is very trustworthy, and I trust her with kids of all sizes.  She has great brakes and is the same in new places.  After only 6 weeks under saddle, she earned herself Reserve Champion at National Dressage Pony Cup in the Intro Open division and got scores up to 72%.  She will make her recognized training level debut and her eventing debut this fall.  Quiet enough for an AA or child, or a great investment for a professional.  

Congratulations to Grace on the purchase of Bella!



16.1 HH TB gelding

Fred is the classiest, easiest guy around! Straightforward in every way, he is easy to make round, finds his own spots and is careful, brave and safe.  

Congratulations to Jo on the purchase of Fred!


Ripple RC 
3 y/o grey TB mare

Ripple is an awesomely quiet baby and a great sport horse prospect. She has it all: three good gaits, a willing and quiet personality, and good looks. She is very game, has no spook, and has been ridden by kids already. She has only two starts and then I rescued her from the kill pen in May. After about three months of down time, she transitioned seamlessly into training. She is very brave- jumps fillers with no hesitation. Schooled XC and went happily into water and quietly off of banks. She is easy to handle, easy on the bit, and just generally... easy. I cant rave enough about this mare’s amazing mind! It breaks my heart to not develop her myself, but I have a barn full of projects, and this horse is straightforward enough for a teen or AA to bring along. 
Sound, UTD on everything, and almost perfect, Ripple will be a lower level packer in time. She offers easy clean changes in the field, so those should come naturally under saddle as well. Will only be sold into the best program. 


Congratulations to Jody on the purchase of Ripple!


Ava is the real deal.  She is classy, beautiful, feminine, and has show miles and potential for whatever her rider should choose.  She is sensitive and responsive and very light. She has produced lovely foals, is amateur friendly, and is ready to show.  Ava has shown through first level dressage with MANY scores in the 70s and several 10s.  Judges lovely her balanced, steady way of going. She has also begun to event and is brave to the fences, with absolutely no stop.  She placed first at her first event, finishing on her dressage score of 28.5. She has potential to show through PSG dressage or to event through the 1* level-- or both! She will make one lucky rider VERY happy. 




10 year old Quarter Horse cross gelding, big bodied 15.1 hh.  Harley is an absolute sweetheart, darling mover, and quiet, capable jumper. Three good gaits, brave, kid safe. Would be a great pony club horse, eventer, or hunter. Perfect ground manners, unflappable, barefoot, easy keeper.  The perfect first horse! 


Congratulations to Michelle and Lauren on the purchase of Harley!

Cooper's Reserve


7 year old TB gelding. Just under 16H. Remarkable temperament! Willing, kind, sensible. Loves people and loves to work. Very sound, three good gaits with an awesome canter.  Training level dressage, jumping 3'0".  Brave over fences! Competed beginner novice, placed 3rd on his dressage score of 33.  An amazingly talented horse-- so much fun to ride! It's hard not to fall in love with this charming boy. 

Still green, not appropriate for a beginner.  


Congratulations to Anna on the purchase of Cooper!


7 year old Percheron/ TB gelding.  15.1H.

Very willing, laid back guy.  Has training level dressage plus leg yields, walk-canter-walk, and some counter canter. Safe for an advanced beginner.  Has jumped and been trail ridden.  Quiet and fun.


Congratulations to Doris on the purchase of Diego!




1999 Hanoverian Gelding by Royal Diamond.  Competed through PSG, earned me my Silver medal and A Pony Club rating.  Gorgeous flying changes, pirouettes, and half passes.  Three amazing gaits with especially fabulous walk and canter.  

Congratulations Joanne on the purchase of Rodie!



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2014 unraced TB gelding
Benton AR

Despite his age, Rocky is an absolute gentleman. An old soul, he has no spook, jumps anything on a loose rein, and is perfectly behaved and all situations. He is easy on the bit, has a very slow rocking horse canter, as tolerant of rider mistakes, and is perfect in new places. 
He is the whole package: handsome, quiet, easy. Rocky has given lessons to adult amateurs, has been a trail horse for a non-riding husband, has walked with the hounds, been cross-country schooling, done an event derby, and schooling dressage shows, has his changes (not auto yet). He will begin his recognized eventing career next month, and at that point his price will increase. He is ready for a kid or adult amateur of any level.

SF Silver Dragon

Dragon is somebody’s Prince Charming. He is handsome, well bred, personable, classy, and SAFE. He has spent the last few years being a best friend to a Pony Club girl, who has very sadly outgrown him. 
Dragon knows dressage through second level, though he’s a bit rusty on the finer points (he had a more important job keeping his young rider safe). He is remembering quickly, and he would love to find his new partner soon. He’d be ideal for an AA (timid riders are totally fine!) or a child looking for a new BFF to lesson on, compete, trail ride, or even hop a few crossbars. 
Dragon is a bit of a push ride, he’s easy on the bit, goes on a loose rein if desired, and is adorably fancy. He has perfect ground manners, lives out or in, is healthy, and is just the right size: takes up plenty of leg, but isn’t far from the ground.


14 year old Warmblood mare.

Tina is a total doll and a complete packer.  She has extensive show miles and has been used for lessons.  She is the perfect combination of fancy and safe!


Dragonfly RC

7 year old 14h Mustang gelding

Solid first level dressage, knows all second level movements, and finished on his dressage score of 31 at his first event!

Dragonfly is such a cool pony.  He is naturally balanced with an incredible hind leg and super gaits.  He offers clean changes already.  He is easy on the bit and very responsive.    He goes all three phases in a snaffle. 

Congratulations to Mikenna on the purchase of Dragonfly!


Congratulations to Karin on the purchase of Teddy!

Congratulations to Stella and family on the purchase of Peppermint!


Congratulations to Joanna on the purchase of Hypnos RC!


Congratulations to Betsy on the purchase of Aria!


Congratulations to Bailey on the purchase of Flit!


Congratulations to Kathy on the purchase of Giumanji RC!

Congratulations to Shelley on the purchase of Kevin Presto!

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